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One Day at a Time

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Author:  Jack Puttock

Well I didn’t envision that 2019 would contain such immense pain, suffering and pure craziness! I began the year with education at the forefront of my goals for the year, to complete my GCSEs to a high standard and get into the school of choice for my A-Levels; but more importantly get into the subjects I wanted. The acute pain that I experienced in the past was nothing in comparison to what hit me next, my life was sent into an out of control spiral… Everything immediately changes when you have you agonising chronic pain that restricts you from doing what you had previously enjoyed doing and you feel like all hope is gone because you are unable to control the outcome of what happens. 68 Appointments later, and 10s of hours later I can say that this year (despite the debilitating pain, and the biggest change to my life yet) has brought me closer to my immediate family, and friends. I also learned things about myself that I didn’t know before, and for that I am grateful. What I thought was a relatively insignificant injury turned out to be this extensive complex thing that no one really understands, and no one really does - the body is a weird and wonderful thing that we clearly take for granted that we can go for a walk, move and do the things we enjoy doing without much compromise. Not only has CRPS (Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome) changed my life drastically, but the concluding diagnosis of FND (Functional Neurological Disorder) was probably the scariest aspect of having a chronic illness. Seizures, the loss of ability to feel limbs for periods of time, and the loss of sensation in one limb scared me beyond belief; at the time I wasn’t diagnosed so it was even scarier because I didn’t know what was happening and didn’t fully understand what was occurring within my body. I hope that 2020 brings progress to everyone that has CRPS, or any chronic / hidden illness!

To my fellow CRPS / FND warriors I hope you are having a low pain day and have a Happy New Year!


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