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Surgery #01

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Author:   Jack Puttock

So I’m nearly two weeks following my surgery, and it has been a frustrating two weeks. My CRPS pain overall has reduced from a 10 to a 7 which is awesome because that really does make a difference, but unfortunately the post-surgical pain is bad in my neck (definitely not as bad as my CRPS by any means but still very uncomfortable). Hopefully as time goes on though we will start to see a gradual improvement. Thank you especially though to my surgeon Dr Rolfe and the team that assisted him (at Addenbrooke's Hospital) throughout the operation for the constant reassurance and few a few hours it was the most pain free I have been in over a year! It’s really weird (and really nice) having a few hours when your pain levels are literally reduced to nothing, as this was the most relief I have received with any of my treatments, unfortunately it did flare and I was left a 7/10 but I’m grateful for it none the less. I’m still having flares up to a pain level of 9 but that is still less than what my actual base pain level was before, so hopefully it stays like this and doesn’t get any worse from here!

I hope you are all having a low pain day where ever you are, and if you’re not then I hope you have one very soon!


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